what we offer

Banner Finishing Solutions

QUICKstitch offers Sign and Banner Finishing Sewing Solutions that provides the sign industry with quality banner finishings to our vinyl and your digitally printed materials. Having more than 15 years of sewing experience in the industry, we understand the need for quick turnaround times and strive for same day service. We use quality products that provide a professional and durable lasting finished product.

Using industrial style sewing machines built into our custom designed work stations, we can offer a variety finishing styles including: hems, ropes, o-rings, pole pockets, gussets, put togethers, pennants, grommets and more.

what we offer

Sewing Styles

Quick Stitch Banners offers a wide range of sewing styles to fit you and your customers’ needs and specifications. All banners are sewn with white polymatic thread on our double lock stitch industrial sewing machines, which gives you durability and a professional appearance to your finished banner. Let our experienced staff know what product, color, finished size, quantity and direction; horizontal or vertical, you would need. All banners will be finished with #2 brass grommets. Nickel grommets are provided upon request. Most banners will ship out the same day the order is received. Black thread may be used, if requested, with a $10.00 color change fee.


  • Hem
  • Rope
  • O-Rings
  • Pole Pockets
  • Gussets
  • Put Togethers
  • Pennets
  • Grommets
  • Sew on Velcro
  • Multi-Color Banners
  • Cut Only Raw Edges


what we offer

Custom Blanks

Custom Blanks are vinyl blank banners that come in a wide variety of materials and colors. Choose the thickness of the material and also the color required for your project. Most of the materials below come in White, Black, Yellow, Red and Blue. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not see the color you are looking for. We will do our best to fulfill your requirements.

Weights and Finishes

  • 10 oz. Matte Super Smooth Finish
  • 13 oz. Matte Super Smooth Finish
  • 13 oz. Gloss Super Smooth Finish
  • 14 oz. Gloss Super Smooth Finish
  • 16 oz. Gloss Super Smooth Finish
  • 19 oz. Matte Super Smooth Finish
  • 19 oz. Gloss Super Smooth Finish
what we offer

Quick Blanks

Quick Blanks are vinyl banners for indoor and outdoor use, pre-sewn four sides with brass grommets in corners and every 2' - 3' on top and bottom.


  • Great for cut vinyl screen printing.
  • Individually boxed unless requested otherwise.
what we offer

Sewed Supplied

We will finish your digitally printed banner with any sewing style we offer. We request that banners are received cut, trimmed and ready to sew.

  • Allow 1-1/4" for hem
  • We offer a mutitude of different sewing styles
  • Call today with details of your project, we are happy to help you understand our finishing options